We are continuing committed to earning and keeping your trust

In today business climate which often fraught with poor management, corporate fraud, a lack of both business transparency and internal controls, 6T Brothers start takes its company responsibility seriously. We are committed to earning and keeping the trust of our shareholders, business partners, customers, employees, and other stakeholders


In order to maintain being the "Trustworthy" Home Delivery + logistics service provider to our customers, 6T Brothers believes that establishment and maintenance of a company compliance system is one of our highest priorities.

Unlike a product manufacturer or a carrier who operates ships and aircrafts, we are the company that is based on the day-to-day activities of our employees. We understand that our most important assets are our employees, and their knowledge and experience.

In order to maintain this trust and ensure our employees can act to the best of their abilities, our company's officers and employees act in accordance with Malaysian laws and understand the significance and importance of compliance into our daily activities.

6T Brothers has established a "Code of Conduct" which officers and employees of the company will comply in performing our day-to-day business activities.

We believe that compliance to this "Code of Conduct" is the first step of providing superior service and obtaining the trust of our customers.

Code of Conduct and Policy downloads


To our Suppliers/Subcontrator

6T Brothers ("6T") are fully aware of the social responsibility towards our stakeholders in which we do business. Therefore, we must comply with our own ethical standards, which is 6T Brothers Company Code of Conduct. In recent years, with the issues such as violation of human rights, bribery, and acts of environmental destruction having emerged, it is required to address compliance activities for not only individual companies but also all associated entities in the supply chains. For this reason, we expect our suppliers, who is assigned to provide service for our customers on our behalf, to have a common understanding of business ethics standard. In line with this concept, we would like to request all suppliers to be committed to practicing the code as set forth below.

·         6T Brothers Company Supplier/Subcontractor Code of Conduct


How 6T Brothers Started Business Continuity Management ?

By March 2020, one of our MNC customer from Japan had initial first request & to guide us for better corporate governance + security compliance and 6T Brothers had started to learn the importance of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), hence we had developed these simple SOP/practice steps to be started off with their kind guidance.

Our company founder & major shareholder Choon Heng san started his business since 1990 & went thru a few economic crises like the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the Year 2000 Dot-Com Bubble, the 2007–2009 financial crisis, and recently the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

6T Brothers have been in business since 2003 & had gone thru the 2007-2009 Financial Crises & the COVID-19 pandemic. We had gone thru it & even grown much stronger ever since then with every year double digits of revenue growth.

Recently, we started developing our business continuity plans to aid early detection, prevention, appropriate post-incident management, and damage minimization in the event of unforeseen situations such as war, acts of terrorism, pandemic, and natural disasters. Following damage from a disaster or catastrophic event, the company will be able to maintain its important functions uninterrupted wherever possible, or if interrupted, to quickly restore them. We exhibited our strength in doing so by running thru the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

6T Brothers’ Business Continuity Basic Policy

Following damages from a disaster or catastrophic event like the COVID-19 pandemic, 6T Brothers will be able to continue to maintain its basic & important functions like home delivery uninterrupted wherever possible, or if interrupted, to will quickly restore them. This plans provide for work from home (remote working), describes how to implement the necessary supporting business information or IT system infrastructure, and ways to review and replenish 6T Brothers emergency supplies.

As at to this end, 6T Brothers have adopted the following five policies,

  1. We will to give the highest priority to the lives and safety of 6T employees, their families, and all other parties concerned.
  2. We will to protect our assets, and maintain capacity for transportation, information system like 6T DMS, etc., so that we can continue to provide home delivery services for our customers.
  3. We will, to rapidly grasp to the situation and try prevent the spread of damage, return operations to normality as soon as possible.
  4. We will, to fulfill our social responsibilities in the event of a disaster by home delivery services.
  5. We will, to implement regular disaster education and training to our team, and to be committed to reviewing and improving our business continuity plan at all times.

6T Brothers Guideline & Policy + Business Continuity Basic Policy for COVID-19

1.       COVID-19-   6T Brothers’ Business Continuity Basic Policy

2.       COVID-19-   6T Brothers’ Business Continuity plan kicks in to deal with Covid-19 Threat

3.       COVID-19-   6T Brothers Company Precautionary Measures for Our Operations Employees

4.       COVID-19-   6T Brothers Company Precautionary Measures for Our Delivery Staffs


By Dec 2022, go along with Harvey Norman Australia Security Department request, 6T Brothers had started study into new server with better security & start to learn more about IT Disaster Recovery & also business continuity plan, 6T Brothers had invested into Acronis Cyber Protect BACKUP Solution as part of 6T Brothers’ effort to build a robust Business Continuity Plan.



Established on November 30, 2021
Revision on June 1, 2022

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