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HOME , Next 10 Days Booking PAGE –MAIN Control Page

HOME , Next 10 Days Booking PAGE –MAIN Control Page

  • Customer booking information
  • Remark to frontend team & driver in single platform. Message deliver instantly to everyone involved
  • Colorful marking to alert user for attention.

Web-page for Sales Team / Customer Service / Warehouse online Monitoring

  • Know planned/actually delivery timing, call/SMS/whatapps status is updated here with picture of goods delivered.
  • 6T Supervisor /Warehouse /Sales team use this common page to monitor daily delivery.
  • Many practical Delivery performance report available.

Customer Online Delivery Tracking Portal (Past / Today / Future)

6T just need to provide a link to HN IT team to link to 6t website for tracking.

Same as how it work for Aramex/TaQBin/Gdex/Citylink

Customer Online Delivery Tracking Portal (Past / Today / Future)

Customer do not necessary call to CSD for all detail, they can do self TRACKING via online to know where is the truck & how many more drops to reach his/her house.

  • Can detect if there are few arrangement of delivery (partial delivery).
  • Can detect if there are other DO to be arrange together with this DO.
  • To check if any remark made by customer been remarked by sales person.
  • To estimate how many more drops to reach customer, based on drops or MAP location.

This will able to calm down customer on where is the truck, this is particular good tool to calm those customer who are really desperate.

This model was designed based on COURTS Singapore online tracking version & also those courier company version.

What appear in 6T DRIVER Smartphone Page (Driver Application)?

How 6T DMS Inform Customer about Delivery & Collect Feedback via smartphone?

Collect Customer Feedback immediately after delivery made (while customer still fresh abt the delivery experience)

Deliveryman can send SMS directly from Smartphone with standard template

Standard Template SMS– It serve basic communication needs. 4 Languages Template – it impress CUSTOMERS about AEON BIG’s customer Experience

In last 12 months trial run for AEON BIG, it had show good response from customers, this became 1 of the ice-breaker for better communication between deliveryman & customer, it make the atmosphere of delivery be better & customer have better satisfaction with AEON BIG indirectly.

6T Supervisor always know where are their trucks are via 6T DMS