System Benefits

Reduce Phone Calls & Improved Communications.

Phone calls among Customer / Sales team / 6T Supervisor / Driver become minimum, but all delivery information needed are well communicated & updated through mobile devices & online web system. Access is available for anyone with a regular smartphone.

Better Delivery Planning / Tracking

Sales Team / Customer Service can check delivery planning, driver action to customer (CALL/SMS), proof of delivery instantly from web-page.

Live Overview Monitoring

6T Supervisor can have close monitoring on each delivery team to know what is going on with each delivery status, it is like a remote CCTV to each delivery truck.

Better Driver Management

Able to manage drivers remotely via smartphone for problematic deliveries or other deliever issues for the day.

Improved Crew Motiviation

Drivers can concentrate on his delivery works & installation, no more disturbing call and constant follow-ups from sales team/supervisor. All work Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has been provided to our drivers and they are able to work independently.

Reduced Manual Operations

At Front-end & Backend Office, various manual processes can be eliminated such as making phone calls, sending emails, and all manner of paperwork.