About 6T DMS

6T Deliver Management System (6T DMS) is online application which get EVERYONE well communicated in a single platform to make a better HOME Delivery for 6T Brothers Delivery Customers. The inspiration of 6T DMS came from AirAsia web-based application, there are limited seats for a flight (same like 6T trucks’ resources too). We provide a tool for every participant to plan better by himself.

Our in-house software development team have been actively involved in R&D on the online delivery booking model as well as integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems since 1995. The team consists of analysts, consultants and programmers each with more than 10 years of experience in ERP applications development.

We runs on scalable open-source technologies, to ensure the system runs on a robust and flexible environment, able to extend when necessary, and provide integration with various technologies such as SMS gateways, mobile applications, GPS Tracking, accounting software, etc.